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This is the Carpet Cleaning Central of Cleaning Commando! At The Cleaning Commando (one of Hungary's best-known, dynamically developing cleaning company) we always strive to provide an outstanding quality of service. In the course of our work (which is cleaning of real estate) we have cleaned lot of carpets and we have done a lot of floor carpet cleaning. We wanted to improve this service to perfection, so we purchased the latest automatic rug cleaning machines with multi-brushes. We have a dusting machine, multi-brush, automatic carpet cleaning machine, carpet centrifuge and cylinder brush floor carpet cleaning machines for the best result.

We offer our customers a unique carpet cleaning service in Hungary!

We offer professional carpet cleaning services for individuals and companies in Budapest and Pest county, with unique technology in Hungary. Your rug (mobile carpet) in your home or office will be cleaned to the highest possible standard in our Carpet Cleaning Central, with door-to-door delivery in Budapest and Pest county! The cleaning process begins with a dusting machine, then the carpet continues its journey into the wash tubs, where it is well soaked in an effective detergent solution. The next step is a brush wash with the multi-brush carpet cleaning machine, unique in Hungary, from where the carpet is placed in the centrifuge and the moisture is extracted. Afterwards the sparkling clean and fragrant carpet is dried and packed and delivered to your home.

Floor carpet is a popular floor covering for bedrooms in homes, offices and hotel corridors. There are two main cleaning methods, wet and dry floor carpet cleaning.

Dry cleaning involves spraying the surface of the carpet with a special detergent solution and then using a chemical-soaked sawdust, and with a roller brush carpet cleaning machine to work it into the fibres, which soaks up most of the dirt dissolved by the solution. Once the sawdust has been thoroughly worked into the carpet, it is extracted from the carpet using a vacuum cleaner with  roller brush head. In most cases, the process will need to be repeated several times to achieve the correct level of cleanliness.

 In the spray-extraction carpet cleaning process, the same machine is used to spray the carpet and extract the impurities dissolved by the cleaning agent. The most effective floor carpet cleaning machines scrub the wet carpet with roller brushes after spraying, thus helping to remove the dirt from the fibres by mechanical action. The dirty water is then removed by the carpet cleaning machine's suction system, which collects it in a separate tank.

 After chemical carpet cleaning, it is also recommended to rinse the carpet before drying!

Doormat cleaning

Doormats are one of the most contaminated surfaces in a property. Not just because they are on the ground, people from the street wipe the soles of their shoes on these mats to keep dirt from being brought in from outside into the buildings. We won't list the dirt on the streets or pavements, because the list is almost endless, and on the top of that some of it is infectious! That is why it is recommended to clean the doormats regularly, because their dirt-absorbing capacity is limited, especially in rainy, muddy and slippery weather. Leave the regular cleaning of your mat to our Carpet Cleaning Centre and we will remove the most stubborn dirt from your mat using the latest technology.

Like carpets, upholstered furniture (sofas, seating) occasionally requires wet, chemical cleaning. Unfortunately, furniture fabrics are not spared the dust, which gets on them, gets into the fibres and is more difficult to remove dust and other dirt from fabrics than from a kitchen counter or a piece of furniture. Wet cleaning of upholstery is necessary! As with carpets, upholstery can harbour dust mites and put us at risk of respiratory illness. Of course, traces of soiling from constant use or food or drink stains from any 'accidents' can also be removed with a wet spray extraction upholstery cleaning machine to restore the shine to our beloved sofas, armchairs or chairs. Upholstery cleaning in Budapest and Pest county with delivery service.

If you would like to order carpet cleaning for your home's or office's carpet or wet upholstery cleaning for your furniture, contact us at one of our contact numbers! Have further questions about our services? We can help! Contact us!

E-mail address:

Phonenumber: +36300149327

Address: Budapest, III. district, Szentendrei street 95.

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